In its current form, the project is not accessible to pupils who are deaf, and some pupils who have hearing loss may not find it accessible. This is because it is based around audio and sound. If you would like us to create a version of the project for BSL users, please email to register your interest.

The project may be accessible to pupils who have visual impairments, if they have the appropriate assistive technology. We believe that the website should be accessible using a screen reader: however if you find that any sections are not, please email us to let us know. The pupils’ instructions use images and videos to demonstrate recording and editing techniques, but in each case these are accompanied by instructions in audio and text format. Pupils who are working without these visual prompts may find the project more challenging than other pupils. For pupils with visual impairments taking part in the section which involves editing in Audacity (option B), please see this section of the Audacity manual:

As the project is new and we’re still developing it, we’d really appreciate your feedback on this. If you are working on this project with pupils who are visually impaired, please let us know how they find it.

We’ve designed the project in the hope that most secondary pupils will be able to work through the resources independently. However this assumes an average level of literacy and technological literacy. Some pupils may need assistance with reading, understanding and carrying out the instructions, and with understanding some of the technical terminology. We recommend that you look over the materials in advance, and judge whether the level is suitable for the pupils in your class, and whether they are likely to need extra support.

At the moment, the project is geared towards the needs of secondary school pupils rather than primary school pupils. If you would like us to create a version of the project for primary schools, please email to register interest.

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