Interviewing online

Cartoon of someone talking to a computer with a microphone attached to it.

Speak to the person you want to interview beforehand, get them to fill in a consent form, and arrange a time for the interview that suits them.

We don’t recommend trying to interview multiple people at once – this is really hard! If you want to interview lots of people, that’s great, but speak to them one at a time – it will make your life much easier. Try to arrange a time when your interviewee can be on their own, so that the interview is just between the two of you, with no one else trying to join in the conversation. Also encourage them to find a quiet place to do the interview in, without too much background noise.

There are different ways to record interviews online. Below are three methods: but unfortunately, some only work on certain devices! We recommend trying out Methods 1 and 2 first. If they don’t work for you, just go to Method 3. Test these methods out before you arrange an interview with your interviewee, so that by the time you speak to them, you know which method you’re planning to use.