Interviewing in person

Cartoon of two people sitting at a table talking to each other with microphones and a laptop between them.

We don’t recommend trying to interview multiple people at once – this is really hard! If you want to interview lots of people, that’s great, but speak to them one at a time – it will make your life much easier. Try to arrange a time when your interviewee can be on their own, so that the interview is just between the two of you, with no one else trying to join in the conversation.

Sit close to your interviewee and hold your phone or recording device between you.

If you’re using a phone or recording device with just one microphone (this includes most phones), you’ll need to turn it between yourself and the interviewee so that it records both of your voices.

As far as possible, the microphone should always be pointing towards the person who is speaking. When you’re asking a question, it should be pointing towards your mouth. When you’ve finished your question, quickly turn it to face the other person’s mouth so that you can catch their answer.

Position the phone so that you can see the screen while your interviewee is speaking – this means that you can keep an eye on the gauge to see that their level looks OK.