How to edit

In this section, you’re going to be taking the recordings you’ve made and editing them down to make a podcast episode of under 20 minutes. You might have a lot more than 20 minutes’ worth of recorded audio at this point – if so, don’t worry, this is good! It just means that you’ll need to make some choices about what you want to include in your episode, and what you want to remove, choosing the best bits from what you’ve recorded to go in.

Your finished episode might end up being a lot shorter than 20 minutes – think of 20 minutes as an upper limit, but not as a target. In podcasting, short can be good, and you could be in with a chance of winning a prize even if your episode is only a few minutes long. Make your editing choices based on what you want your listener to know, rather than aiming for a specific length.

Let’s get started!

Transferring Your Recordings

The first step is to transfer your recordings from the device you recorded on to the computer you’ll be editing on. You can transfer files by emailing them (if the file size isn’t too big) or by using a file transfer system like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

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