What to record

Now it’s time for YOU to teach US something! We know quite a lot about howlanguage works in general, but we don’t know about how you use language, and how it relates to who you are and where you come from. We want you to tell us!

At the bottom of this page there are four boxes, each containing a topic relating to language and identity. We’d like you to pick one of these topics, and make between 2 and 5 recordings based around this topic.

We’d like one of these recordings to be a monologue: this means we’d like you to record your own voice as you tell us about your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

Each single recording should be no more than 30 minutes long. They can be much shorter than 30 minutes – in your monologue, for example, you might only need 1 or 2 minutes to get your point across. If you’re doing an interview with a friend or relative, you might need closer to 30 minutes to give them time to relax, and to ask them all of the questions you want to ask them. Think of 30 minutes as an upper limit, but not a target – we’re interested in quality, not quantity, and in podcasting, short can be good! If you’re doing Option B, you’ll be editing your recordings down to just the highlights when you get to the next stage.

Click on the options below to see some ideas about the types of recordings you might like to make. Some will be more relevant to you than others, depending on whether you’re working in a classroom or learning from home, and how much time you have; it’s your job to work out which types of recordings you’re able to make. And remember that you’re encouraged to come up with your own ideas too, as long as they’re relevant to the topic.

Read through the sections below and pick your topic. Then go to Part 3: How To Record, where you’ll learn about how to become a podcaster!

Cartoon of two people waving form behind a computer, which has a microphone attached to it.