Hello and welcome to Talking About Voices!

Talking About Voices is an opportunity for you to learn more about language while also learning audio production skills.

You’ll start by learning about language and identity, exploring questions like: how does the way we speak relate to who we are?

Next, you’ll learn how to make a podcast. You’ll be taught how to record, how to interview, and (if you’re doing the Option B pathway), also how to edit.

Finally, you’ll make your own podcast episode about how language and identity interact in your life. At the end of the project, the creators of the best episodes will be awarded prizes in the Talking About Voices competition.

Talking About Voices is part of the Manchester Voices project at Manchester Metropolitan University. We’re trying to find out more about language and identity in Greater Manchester, including how young people think about language. Talking About Voices will help us learn from you, and we also hope that it will help you to understand language better, give you a chance to try something new, and help you to feel more confident in using your voice.
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